Ag-Bitech in Australia puchased 2000L Plough Mixer

Australian owned and headquartered, AgBiTech is a global leader and innovator in biological pest controls. AgBiTech has a strong research program to continually develop insect control solutions for growers. This includes creating new products as well as increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing technologies. Their products contain Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) for controlling Spodoptera frugiperda, Baculoviruses for controlling diamond back moth (DBM) larvae (Plutella xylostella), Using Magnet as a resistance management tool in Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) transgenic cotton, Attractants for Pyralidae and Gelechidae pests, Attractants for control of DBM adults. AgBiTech manufactures all its products in the key Australian agricultural centre of Toowoomba. Its purpose-built manufacturing plant is world class. It uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment including vortex plough mixers.

Anthony Hawes, Director & Chief Executive Officer of AgBitech, contacted Vortex and said they require a 2000L plough mixer to be used for combining glycerin and a biological powder within a freezer environment. This mixer will be used within their US facility so electrical components must be UL rated/certified. After discussion, we got that glycerin is in liquid form, after mixing with a kind of biological powder at -20℃, the final mixture become powder form again. As the mixing materials probably will get lumps during mixing, vortex engineer equipped 3 high speed choppers to break to lumps. Meanwhile, Anthhony would like to put a IBC container under the plough mixer for storing the mixed materials, so we added a tri-clover clamp fitting under the discharge valve to simply this process. Mr. Anthony is very satisfied with our design solutions, AgBitech placed the order in a couple of days.

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